August 13, 2020

Top 3 Ways to End your Wall

Here at Allan Block, we love retaining walls. However, every great wall needs to come to an end at some point, and we’re here to share our favorite ways of doing so. The look and feel of the wall can change completely depending on how you decide to approach the endings. Luckily, the versatility of Allan Block allows for several different finishing options, each with its own unique style. While there are countless ways to finish off a wall, these three methods are some of our favorites:

1.  The Step Down
            A step down is probably the most common way to end your wall. A step down is exactly what it sounds like; the top of your wall gradually steps down until it is even with the grade. This is a great option because it provides a subtle way for your wall to slowly shrink until it’s completely gone. A step down can be made even more smooth by using our AB Lite Stones, AB Aztec Lite, or AB Barcelona blocks as a way to transition from one course down to the next.

2. The Turn-In
            The turn-in is a popular finishing option that is great for steeper grade changes and a quick end to the wall. With a turn-in, the wall turns directly into the hillside and gets built “into” the hill. This is also one of the easiest methods to end a wall since you won’t need any corner blocks, and instead of the wall slowly stepping down, you can end it almost immediately.  For a more bold, sharp transition into the face of your hill, you can use a 90° corner rather than a curve.

3. The Planter
            A planter is the perfect choice for making the most of your space. With a planter finishing option, you would finish off your wall at different courses, leaving gaps between wall endings to use as a planting space. The planter endings can be designed as either of the options listed above. Also, you can choose whether you want your planter segments to subtly break away from your wall with curves, or create a more pronounced planter by using 90 degree turns at each step-down.

While there is no “best” way to end your wall, each finishing option achieves a different look and feel to it. Maybe you want a bold look and decide to go with a 90° corner turn-in. Or maybe you are going for more of a soft discrete feel and use a step down with caps for an even smoother transition between courses. Regardless, all finishing options can look amazing.

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