August 6, 2020

Measure Twice - Cut Once (Using the Estimating Tools)

Allan Block has created estimating tools that will help you design and estimate your projects.   These tools are a great recourse to help you estimate your building materials.  Retaining wall materials are not convenient to run to the store to return or get more.  Ordering the correct amount the first time is important. 

Allan Block has tools that can help you determine just what is needed to complete the project.  Each of our estimating tools have been customized to help specific customer groups.

AB Retaining Wall Design and Estimating App (Windows, Mac, iPhone and iPad)
Courtyard Patio Walls Design & Estimating App (Windows, Mac, iPhone and iPad)

Contractors / Builders:

Engineers and Architects:

AB Walls (Windows only)
Contact Allan Block for information about AB Walls -

By using our apps or software, you can receive a 3D image of your project, along with the estimate, to have a visual before it’s built.

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