August 20, 2020

How do I Calculate the Quantity for a Circular Seating Wall Around a Fire Pit?

So you’ve already designed an Allan Block firepit using our step-by-step guide, and you’re looking for your next project? If you want to design a seating wall and don’t know where to start, then grab your smartphone or tablet!  Allan Block has a free app that lets you design and estimate your perfect seating wall.  Customize the size and style with the flexible AB Courtyard Collection
First, determine the length of your seating wall.  If you would like the wall to curve around parallel with your fire pit, then you can select the XL curve style in the element selection screen.  Decide on the heights of the walls and posts, and you are done!
Get a rough estimate right on the screen, or submit your project and receive a full estimate report with detailed drawings for free in your inbox.  The report also includes a list of your local dealers where you can go and get your materials.
 Don’t be afraid to add your own unique touch by adding posts, inlaid lighting, or anything you can dream up. The possibilities are endless!

For a better understanding of how to install courtyard walls, and also a visual of parallel curved walls, visit our courtyard reference guide

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