August 27, 2020

What Would you Suggest for Hiding the End of the Wall?

There are many ways you can hide the side of Allan Block units when finishing your wall.  While it is not necessary to do for structural reasons, one may decide to hide the side to avoid seeing an “unfinished” end.  There are two ways we want to address today:
First, you could incorporate AB Corner Blocks from any of our collections that are finished on two sides to help hide the end of the wall units.  Simply use a corner block as shown below to return the wall into the retained soil and then miter cut caps to finish the wall as shown here:

Second, you could incorporate AB Lite/AB Barcelona/AB Aztec Lite units to step the wall down in 4” (10 cm) increments to hide the side of the block.  If your AB manufacturer makes AB Lite/Barcelona units, this may be the easiest and more economical method to hide the end of the wall, but check on availability before a decision is made.  This is seen below:

Finishing the wall and “hiding” the side of visible units may prove to be just the finishing touch you need for your project.  Don’t hesitate to call us or check out our Retaining Walls by Allan Block brochure for additional installation tips.

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