April 23, 2020

Three Tips for Smoothly Building AB Courtyard Curves

When building with AB Courtyard and curves are in the design, there are a couple tricks to help the project go smoother.  In order for the curves to turn in the direction designed, all of the AB York blocks need to be installed with their long sides facing the outside of the curve. Easy enough, but what if the block starting the curve is not angled the direction you want the wall to start turning?  How do you fix this? 
There are a couple options, but all will center on changing the initial block that started the section.

Option 1: Start by removing the last block that has the wrong angle, then slide all the blocks down one block back to the start of the section. By doing this, you have now fixed the angle for the curve to continue.  Now at the initial start of the section this block needs to be changed.  The simplest option is to turn the block over as this will change the angle.  Then fill in with the block that was removed to complete the section. 

Option 2: If starting from a post pillar or existing surface, replace the initial cut block with the opposite angle cut block. This option works well when building the first course and turning the block over isn’t an option. With the blocks being modular and the initial cut block is a ¼ size, then this block and a AB York block could be removed and replaced with a ¾ size cut Dublin block with the correct angle (or vice versa) as the 2 smaller blocks and the 1 larger block equal the same size. 

Option 3: If the wall section was starting from a corner block, flipping this block over changes the angle.
Check out our video when coming off a post (flat surface).  Using this trick will help when working with AB Courtyard and curves.

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