April 30, 2020

How to Start an AB Courtyard Wall Panel at a Post or Existing Structure

AB Courtyard Dublin blocks will need to be modified to create a straight edge to the blocks.  This will create a professional look when meeting up with the existing structure or post.  Use a saw with a diamond blade and cut 2 Dublin blocks in half, one down the middle, which creates two ½ sized blocks, and one down the center of one of the raised rings to create a ¾ and a ¼ sized block. Then, place the cut side of the blocks toward the existing structure or post and build out as normal. On the second course, place another cut piece to continue the straight edge to the height desired for the panel. Refer to the pattern for stacking the cut blocks so they line up properly as you build each course. Using the AB Dublin block, you will need to cut 2 blocks for a 4-course tall wall, as shown here. The cut side of the block will create the straight side that is needed for a finished look. Check out this video on cutting or splitting blocks for more information.

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