May 7, 2020

How Tall Can I Build my AB Courtyard wall Panels?

The AB Courtyard Collection is not an engineered system.  There are no design charts that specify how tall or what type of reinforcement to use.  There are, however, four options that will help stabilize taller patio walls.  You can use one or more of these options to strengthen taller AB Courtyard wall panels.

Option 1: Adding Strength with Metal Pipes

Adding metal posts within your wall panels will provide hidden reinforcement and resistance to overturning. The pipe adds overturning stability to the wall.

Option 2: Adding Strength with Adhesive

Secure Wall Caps into place with adhesive
Securing the caps and top course of the wall together increases the stability of the wall. Place with a bead of flexible concrete adhesive along both sides of the raised rings, and along the side of each Wall Cap.

Option 3: Adding Strength with Curves, Corners or Posts/Pillars
Add Posts



Designing curves, corners, or posts/pillars into the wall panels will add additional stability to the wall panel without any added steps.

Option 4: Adding Strength by Interlocking the Panels into the Posts/Pillars
Interlock walls and posts

Use Corner Blocks to tie the wall panels into the posts/pillar structures, by placing a Corner Block half on the wall panel and half within the post/pillar. This will interlock them together adding stability to the wall panel. See How-to sheet #230: Interlocking Walls and Posts.

Building taller patio walls is a lot easier than you’d ever think. Find the method that suits your project, and you’re on your way to a durable Allan Block Courtyard!

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