March 5, 2020

Dublin Down – Building with Allan Block AB Courtyard

So you are building your first patio using AB Courtyard. You have prepared your base, and you are ready to start laying your first course of block. You have laid out your walls. You’ve determined the best starting point—usually a corner or post—and you started laying your first course of block. Everything is going great, until you pick up your first AB Dublin. You set it down next to an AB York and the points are angled the wrong way. You spin it around 180 degrees. It still doesn’t work! This stupid block was manufactured backwards! What gives? What sadist would make a block this way? Does Allan Block enjoy watching me suffer? Have no fear. Everything is going to be alright. There are a number of ways for you to overcome this monumental obstacle standing between you and your perfect patio. 

Option 1:The first option for getting back on track is to set another AB York in your wall. Every time you put a York into the wall the long point will alternate what side of the wall it is on. Don’t have enough room for an added York in your wall?

Option 2: Try grabbing a different AB Dublin. Two thirds of all AB Dublins are manufactured to face in one direction and the remaining third face in the other direction. The reason for this is simple. It optimizes the space needed within the mold used to produce the block. You can’t find any of the AB Dublins that are angled in the direction that you are looking for?

Option 3: A third option is to simply flip the AB Dublin that you are using upside down. Doing this will reverse the orientation of the AB Dublin, and get you back on track. We recommend doing this as your last option. The raised rings on top of the AB Dublin hold the course above in place. You should take care to use construction adhesive if the stability of your wall is a concern.

As you can see, there are a number of options for you to hurdle the challenge of a backwards AB Dublin. For more information regarding building with AB Courtyard visit the Allan Block website.

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