February 27, 2020

What Can I Build with AB Courtyard?

“I really like the idea of using AB Courtyard to make my yard into an outdoor living space. I’m just not sure how I would like to use it.” Does this sound familiar? Are you having a hard time getting the creative juices flowing? Have no fear, we can help. Allan Block has a wealth of tools and resources available to help you create an outdoor living space that is easy to build, and even easier to customize.

A great place to start is the Design Ideas by Allan Block. Contained within this document, you will find a varied assortment of photographs using AB Courtyard along with some of the other products that Allan Block has to offer. You will find this document is categorized by the type of application for the various products.

Not finding what you are looking for in the Design Ideas brochure? Have you taken a look at our Patio Packages or Weekend Projects? Both can be found within our AB Courtyard Installation Manual. Patio Packages are a great, no-fuss solution for creating a complete outdoor living space from a pre-existing template. Do you like the idea of a patio package, but feel like it is just missing one element to make it perfect? Try adding a fire pit, pond, or a grill surround to your Patio Package.

Do you like the idea of building a Patio Package but wish it were a different size? Allan Block has created an application for you to design your patio exactly how you want it! Our application can be installed on almost any computer or mobile device. Best of all, our application is totally free! With videos, step-by-step help files, and a simple user interface and output, our AB Courtyard Application will help you design your patio in a snap. Our Patio Packages and Weekend Projects are just a click away with the app, as well. Give it a try today.

Whether you use our photo galleries, our publications, or our applications, you have a number of avenues to pursue to come up with a unique design that creates an ideal space. As you can see, Allan Block has all the tools and resources you could possibly need to design the perfect outdoor living space for your home. Click on any of the images above to learn more!

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