March 12, 2020

Top 5 Stair Designs

Allan Block’s retaining wall products can be used to create many different types of stair designs.  Using your imagination to create a set of steps that helps the flow of the site not only allows easy access to higher elevations, it can also be a focal piece of the landscaping.  Curved, straight or multi-level stair sections can easily be incorporated into any design.  Check out these ideas or visit for more great design ideas.

Multi-level walls can easily incorporate stairs, by curving into the stair location for a soft inviting look to the landscape.

Stairs can be built within or at the end of a wall using multi-level plateaus to have ease of access for taller elevations in tight spaces.

Stairs can be built along the front of a wall with long runs between steps, that will provide a smooth flowing path up very long slopes or hills.

Standard entryway stairs can be built using corners or posts for a dramatic and stylish feel to any project.

Placing stairs prior to the wall is a great option and adds additional space on the landing or raised patio as shown here.

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