September 6, 2019

Reaching for the Skies - How tall can I build with AB Fence?

Written by Chad Julius

Let’s start with the current record holder.  Our tallest AB Fence system built is located in South Hackensack, New Jersey and reaches a maximum height of 30 ft (9.0 m). For a complete write up you can check out the case study, Tallest Sound Barrier.  I would doubt we will see too many projects that will require a taller fence than that. 

Most of our fence projects range from 6 ft (1.9 m) to 12 ft (2.8 m). However, instead of focusing on the maximum height, let’s talk about what factors will influence the height.
  • Wind Pressure – based on climate information for your area and average wind speed is known.
  • Exposure to the Wind – fences that are constructed on shorelines and in open areas will be unprotected to the wind more than fences that are located around buildings.
  • Post spacing – this all comes down to the size of the panel area and how much pressure is being supported by the posts.
  • Concrete Strength – there are limits to the strength of concrete and too much pressure could cause cracking and failure.
  • Structural Steel Design – this includes the amount of steel located in the posts as well as the bond beams within the panel.  The more bond beams used the stronger the panel becomes.  

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