August 30, 2019

Allan Block puts more $$$ back into your savings!

Written by Kyle Huerd
Although there are many styles and colors that can be completed with Allan Block retaining walls, the material cost is very competitively priced with other types of materials. 
Allan Block Retaining Wall

Without spending too much time getting off topic, let’s look at the least expensive route, timber retaining walls.  

timber wall


  • Tried and true over the last 50+ years.  
  • Materials readily available
  • Easy Installation


  • Life Expectancy (15-25 years)
  • Maintenance – seal coating wall every 3 – 5 years
  • Environmental disposal costs

Although you may have a significant up-front cost reduction, the cost of a timber wall over the lifetime of an Allan Block wall will not be a competition.  Allan Block will cost you less over the 50+ years that they are installed due to time, maintenance, and rebuild.

Next let’s discuss a natural stone type retaining wall.  These can be comprised of limestone, boulders, or other natural rock that is available in your region.  
Natural Stone wall


  • Natural aesthetic


  • One of the most expensive options 
  • Doesn’t install as easy as module block or timber walls
  • May require special equipment due to the size and weight of the material

Since Allan Block has a cost-effective solution and there are so many collections and finishes to Allan Block retaining walls, there will be a better solution using a modular block outside of just the pocket book.

Lastly, if we were to compare a traditional masonry wall, or cast in place retaining wall.  
Cast in Place wall


  • Can be designed for any application
  • Tried and true for hundreds of years


  • Typically the most expensive
  • Non-flexible – will crack in frost or seismic areas
  • Specialized installation – formwork and steel required

A ball park cost savings from a cast in place retaining wall to an Allan Block system can be roughly 50%.  If you don’t like saving money AND having a wall that looks better then cast in place is your route to go!

Allan Block Retaining Wall

Now that we know Allan Block is a cost-effective solution for nearly ALL sites, it really comes down to what collection and color you would like in your backyard.  Feel free to visit to select a store near you or call your local dealer for cost and availability.

Allan Block Retaining Wall

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