August 23, 2019

AB Courtyard and Swinging Gates Bring Added Security to your Project

Written by Rich Lovdal

 Gates come in many forms from simple wrought iron or ornamental metal gates physically attached to the post/pillar to heavy industrial security gates mounted to their own structural support system. 
Either type can be used our AB Courtyard or AB Fence Posts.  For any gate not physically connected to the post, the fence installer should follow the supplier’s structural post installation procedures.

Today we will focus on how a gate can complement your AB Courtyard project and how to attach a gate to the Courtyard post.  If your project includes a gate attached to the AB Courtyard Post/Pillar, first use the strengthening techniques described in How-To-Sheet #140.  By gluing each course together and using the Concrete column and embedded pile in the center of the post, the individual block units will act as a solid structure to resist the weight of the swinging gate.  

Start your project by knowing the width of your finished gate so that you can build your Post/Pillar the correct distance apart.  If you are using a premade gate it will be difficult to modify if you have built your post too far apart or too close together.

To attach the gate to the post/pillar use the typically provided mounting hinge and commonly used masonry/concrete anchor bolts such as wedge or lag both anchors found at any big box or local hardware store location.  Start by carefully positioning your bottom hinge and making the holes to be drilled.  It is important to place the bottom bracket at the proper height to allow the gate to swing unimpeded.  The anchors you choose will recommend a drill bit diameter.  

Using a standard drill or a hammer drill for easier drilling, drill the holes and mount your lower hinge.  Once the lower hinge is mounted, to determine the exact location on the upper hinge, carefully hang the gate on your lower hinge and brace it in place so that it is in a finished plumb position.   (Plumb – to be vertical so the finished gate will not swing open or close by itself) 

 Once the gate is temporarily in place, position the upper hinge in its final position and mark the holes.  Using the same technique as for the lower hinge, drill the holes and mount the upper hinge and hang your gate.  Using these same techniques you can easily mount the latch hardware on the other post.

For more information on all of Allan Block’s products see our website at or our AB Courtyard How to Sheet #420 - Attaching Gates to Post/Pillar

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