August 16, 2019

Need your retaining wall to turn a tight radius? We have the solution!

Written by Ryan Miller

With Allan Block retaining wall products, a large sweeping curve or a quick tight one are easy to construct and will leave a great looking finished product.  A curve is the strongest, fastest and most aesthetically pleasing option when a change of direction is required within a retaining wall.  The minimum radius one can build with a full-length (roughly 18 in.) Allan Block unit such as a Classic, Lite or Dover is 4 ft. 

Learn more about installing curves by reviewing our installation recommendations.  If you need to make a tighter radius you may want to consider incorporating one of our units that are ~9 in. in length such as the Jumbo Jr, Bordeaux or Palermo.  These units will allow you to tighten that radius to 2.5 ft – (picture 2 below).  Using these products will allow for a quick installation and a finished product that will meet the aesthetic requirements necessary for your project.  Check out more on our retaining wall products here or give us a call to discuss your project in more detail.

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