August 9, 2019

How do I find a professional, certified Allan Block contractor?

Written by Souraya Farhat

Now that you have decided on realizing your outdoor living space and have come to the conclusion that building retaining walls, paver patios, patio walls and working with hardscapes in general is not your strongest skill. You will need to rely on a professional contractor with experience and a proven record on the field of hardscapes. 

Before you find a contractor to meet with, you will need to do some research and try to decide on the scope of your project. Online research, visits to local hardscape and landscape shows will help you make selections of products, features and elements that would fit into your project. This will help you classify these selections into needs, wants and would love to have in an effort to determine the scope of the project. Learn more how to prepare for your meeting with the contractors

Now that you have done your homework, you are prepared to meet with a contractor. However, where to find them and how to hire the right one is another important step to ensuring the success of your project. Here are some resources to find contractors:

The last thing you need is to deal with a failing wall, improper water drainage and many other issues that can result from a bad installation. Relying on professionals that are skilled, trained and have obtained manufacturer’s certification may beef up the price, but it is a small price to pay for a peace of mind.     

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