June 7, 2019

I am building stairs with my retaining wall, what are my options?

Written by Danelle DeMartini

Stairs help us gain access to vertical spaces, break up long stretches of wall and generally look nice. Choosing the right stair design for you space is important before you start construction.  Here are just a few options to get your design juices flowing.

Is your stairway short or long? You can breakup long stairways with landings, curves or switchbacks

Does your space allow for stairs to go alongside the wall or do you want to save space with a stairway within the wall? Do you want rounded steps or a more angular look?

Whatever design you choose, using an Allan Block retaining wall product allows you the opportunity to different textures for your design while making the installation process straightforward.  For more information on stair designs and stairway installation, visit allanblock.com.

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