May 31, 2019

How many steps do I need in my retaining wall?

Written by Danelle DeMartini

Stairs are important for getting us from one level to another, whether it’s inside your home or outside in your yard.  In most cases the stairs inside are already done for us when we buy a home, but those outdoor stairways can be great additions to our backyard spaces.

But where do we begin?  Before we can complete a design to at stairs to our outdoor space we first need to determine how many steps will be needed.  To do that, use this simple formula:

Measure the total height of the area (rise) and divide this by the height of the step (run).
Rise/Run = # of steps needed

On steep slopes, keep the steps tight together. On gentle slopes, increase the depth of the tread and length of the run or add landings to soften a long stairway.

Allan Block retaining wall blocks used for building raised patios or terraces are 8 in. So if the raised patio is 4 ft. tall and your steps are 8 in. high

48 in. rise/8 in. run = 6 steps needed

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