May 24, 2019

What types of fences can you build with AB Fence?

Written by Chad Julius

The AB Fence has been used in a wide variety of applications and the literature outlines some basic applications such as screening, containment, beautification and sound barriers. 

But let’s face the facts and realize you are constructing a fence for two reasons.  You either want to keep something out or something in. 😊

The “something” is what makes your application unique.  Examples of keeping something out include traffic noise, curious neighbors, security from vandals and the list can go on.  On the flip side, maybe you are just trying to keep your dogs in the yard or provide a safe place for your kids to play without worrying about them wondering off.  There are many ways to build the AB Fence to satisfy your application and create a beautiful solution. 
I would recommend that you take a look through the photo gallery on at to see some of the applications and projects that are featured. 

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