June 14, 2019

Top Patio Designs using AB Courtyard by Allan Block

Written by Gerri Hansen

The AB Courtyard Patio Wall product uses concrete blocks to bring unique designs to your landscaping in many different applications.  This durable, versatile two-sided free standing wall system stacks simply together like kids building blocks.  Easily build panel and post type walls or applications like custom kitchens, BBQ surrounds, fire pits, bench seating and much, much more.

If you are looking for design ideas to upgrade your patio space, there are pre-designed patio packages and weekend projects ideas ready to fit needs.  All the packages offer complete instructions and video installation from start to finish.  These packages can fit right on your existing patio surface or built on a foundation and can be modified to fit any space with minor changes to the layout.  

The Allan Block line of retaining wall products also works well with the AB Courtyard products with matching colors and textures.  If you have an uneven backyard space, use the retaining wall products to level the space a raised patio and then top it off with a Courtyard wall above.  The two products blend together seamlessly.

There is a complete photo library available of backyard landscaping ideas using AB Courtyard that include patio enclosures, outdoor kitchens, ponds, planters, fire pits, seating and more.  With simple and detailed instructions, AB Courtyard should be the product of choice.

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