August 18, 2017

Building Corners with AB Fence

Written by Chad Julius
As with any project there is usually and easy way or a hard way.  I often overlook the easy way and go right to the more difficult application because I don’t take the time to consider my options.  There is a reason why sayings like, “Shoot first and ask questions later” or “Ready, Fire, Aim” exist.  However, when it comes to turning a corner with the AB Fence I hope you do a little research first.

Most of our licensed producing partners have the AB Fence Corner Block.  Obviously, this block was created to make turning corners easy.  It creates a 90-degree corner without cutting. There are things to consider during the construction process and these are covered in the Corner section of the AB Fence Installation Manual or in AB Fence Tech Sheet #2005.  

The hard way for turning corners is also covered in the AB Fence Tech Sheet #2005.  If the Corner Block is not available or you are trying to turn a corner that is not 90-degrees, you will need to miter cut two AB Fence Post Blocks.  

mitred corner

Anytime you are using a mitered corner you need to be very careful to make sure they don’t separate when you are filling them with concrete.  Typically, we are seeing them glued together as they are being stacked up, but also placing a temporary band around the courses as the concrete is being poured. 

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