August 25, 2017

Can I Build a Fence with AB Courtyard?

Written by Gerri Hansen
The AB Courtyard system works like any post and panel system.  Using this system a smaller height fence can be built.  If building on soil a proper foundation needs to be installed.  This system can also be installed directly on an existing surface like a patio or pavers.  If the fence is taller in height, there is installation information shown to build the posts and panels so they tie together for added stability or if needing more reinforcement, metal posts or concrete can be used to secure the panels and posts. 

To build the fence, start by building the first post or pillar, then build out the courtyard wall panel to the location where the next post will be located.  We do not recommend building all the posts first as then additional blocks will be needed to be cut to fit the exact space.  Building each section one at a time will ensure the spacing and the blocks line up properly.   AB Dublin blocks will need to be cut to create a straight side to the blocks when meeting up with the posts.  By cutting these blocks, a professional look to the project can be achieved.

For more information on building fences with AB Courtyard, visit our website.

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