August 11, 2017

Can I add lighting to my patio wall?

Written by: Danelle DeMartini
The simple answer to "Can I add lighting to my wall?" is...yes. Now the type of lighting and how it can be done depending on the type of wall you have is another matter. If you are adding lighting after the wall is built, you may have some limitations to the types of lighting you can add without having to deconstruct parts of the wall. So planning for lighting before you build, will save you a lot of time and effort in the end. 

If you are building a freestanding patio wall with AB Courtyard, you have the extra benefit of the hollow cores for placement of wiring.  But rather than tell you how this can be done, let me show you with this simple video:

You can learn more about building with AB Courtyard and other useful videos at our website -

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