August 12, 2016

Reclaiming a Backyard

Living by a County Road that continues to grow in the number of vehicles makes it difficult to enjoy my backyard.  When my family and I moved in the neighbors described it as an “Urban Ocean”.  Now these are not gentle waves washing up on a beach, but a V8 engine roaring off a stoplight.  Then combine the fact that the wooded fence I did have was falling over after any gust of wind made it a scenario that needed attention.

Looking for a durable product that worked as a sound barrier that didn’t break the bank was a struggle, but the AB Fence provided the solutions.  All my neighbors agreed and the homeowners associated spearheaded the effort to replace the existing wooden fence with an 8-ft concrete block AB Fence. 

With a beautiful AB Fence providing the barrier I needed I was able to landscape my backyard with the fence as the backdrop.  Installing a fire pit, pool and concrete patio made our backyard the retreat we were looking for.

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