July 15, 2016

Gardening Above Ground

 Raised gardens can soften the feel of your outdoor space and create an enjoyable and inviting area in your landscaping. They are great for growing plants, flowers or even vegetables and herbs. 

Building a raised garden helps bring the ground to up a more comfortable working area, reducing time spent bending down when weeding or when maintenance is needed. 

Incorporating irrigation in the planters is very helpful and brings even more maintenance free to the design.  With the planter open to the ground below, overwatering is unlikely which allows the healthy plant roots to grow further down into the soil.

Raised planters can be built as standalone applications, or be incorporated within our retaining walls to soften the feel of the landscaping.  

Filling with a good planting soil will benefit your plants and allow them to thrive, which limits weeds and offers a rewarding planter to use and enjoy all season.

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