July 8, 2016

4 Ways to Manage Water on a Sloping Yard

 Manage water runoff and turn your sloping hillside into usable space with the help retaining walls.  By adding a retaining wall, water runoff and drainage around your home can be controlled to protect from erosion or water damage to the buildings at the same time incorporating more space. 

When considering a change to the landscaping a thorough understanding of the site to determine where water will come from and how it will be managed should be completed.  Here are three options.

  1. Water can be routed using swales.  A swale is a small ditch that creates a path for water to be directed to an outlet.
  2. Adding a berm above a retaining wall in another one way to manage water runoff.  A berm is a mounded area where grass or plantings can divert the water.  The pre-existing slope perhaps.
  3. Incorporating more than one retaining wall when trying to manage large slopes allows the creation of a terracing effect.  This will add additional landscaping areas or gardens creating a natural looking environment.
  4. Creating a dry well to divert and collect the water giving it time to penetrate the soil.
There are other solutions when working with slopes and managing water runoff.  Visit allanblock.com for installation information and details on designing for slopes and managing water when incorporating retaining walls into your landscaping.

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