August 19, 2016

How Much Does an AB Classic Retaining Wall Block Weigh?

Allan Block AB Classic blocks are used in many commercial and residential applications so better understand this popular retaining wall block, here is a comparison that we think you can relate to. 

What Weighs the Same as a 75 lbs AB Classic Block?

1.  An Adult German Shepherd.  The AB Classic blocks are a bit easier to carry than ake a wiggling moving hairy dog. But it won't fetch the paper for you either.

2.  Three 2 year olds.  These are a little harder to contain than one dog, but trying to weigh at the same time could be a fun summer afternoon event. 

3.  Nine Gallons of Water.  For those math people out there (you know who you are), this is just a numbers thing. Weight for weight. Get out the kiddie pool...

4.  37,500 M&M’s.  The candy -  not the fun animated characters.  I am currently working on this comparison one candy at a time.

5.  100 FULL Cans of Beer.  But you don't have to take our word for it, do your own testing.  Or maybe find out how many EMPTY Cans of Beer it takes... (best call in some friends to help with this one).

What other items  can we compare AB Classics to?  Try your own experiments and share them  with us.  The next time you get started on a retaining wall project - just remember, AB Classics are easier to install than it is to round up  three 2 years olds but not as fun as drinking 100 cans of beer.

To all those AB Certified Contractors that move and install these blocks everyday creating beautiful landscapes and outdoor living areas for their customers - Keep up the good work! 

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