February 26, 2016

Get More from Allan Block with the Interactive Learning Center

We have created a great new web based tool we call the Interactive Learning Center (ILC). Just like the name implies it is a self-guided way to get information on our products simply. As you navigate through, you can select the pages of importance to you that will be collected and formatted in a custom brochure and emailed to you upon completion.

With so many people using tablets and phones now we have created a way for anyone to get the basic information in a format that is portable. This custom brochure is emailed in a .pdf format that can be opened, printed or forwarded as you need. Within the brochure the links will lead you back into our full website, when your time permits, for more detailed information if you so desire.

Some of the information you will be able to self-guide yourself through is, product information, colors selections, installation including videos and estimating. Enough information so you can gain understanding on what our products are and how they work to create beautiful outdoor landscapes. 

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