October 23, 2015

How To Build Your Own Fire Pit

What is more relaxing than gathering with friends around a fire on a cool night? Whether enjoying a cup of coffee, sipping on a glass of wine or making s'mores with your kids, a fire pit will bring fun and relaxation to your event.

My husband and I shopped for a fire pit last summer and were not able to make up our minds on any of the available fire pits in stores. They were either too flimsy or too small and the trims can get too warm to the touch making it hazardous for kids. We wanted a rock solid structure that is easy to install and safe to use. We found the answer to our problem with Allan Block.

We built the fire pit using the AB York from the AB Courtyard Collection following these easy how to instructions on allanblock.com. The only additional accessories we needed to complete the project were a fire ring which we found at the local hardware store, and some decorative rock for the bottom. The height was perfect to simply pull up a lawn chair, rest the feet on the ledge and enjoy the dancing flames. We love it!    

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