October 30, 2015

Finding the Right Contractor for Your Retaining Wall Project

You have decided that you want to add a retaining wall to your property.  Now you need to decide if this is a project that you are going to construct or are you going to have a contractor construct the wall.  We all have heard horror stories of contractors not remodeling a house right, properly build a road, etc.  The same thing can happen with retaining walls if you don't select a reputable contractor.  So how do you go about doing your homework to ensure that the contractor you select is the right one for the job?

Nowadays a lot of information can be gleaned from the internet.  The question always at the back of the mind is how reliable is the source?  The Better Business Bureau (BBB) is a very reputable source, but not all contractors can be found there.  There are other popular websites where people can post comments regarding their particular experience with the contractor, but that doesn't paint the picture of how much the contractor really knows about building walls.  So what is another solution?

Allan Block has a comprehensive Contractor Certification Program.  This program is designed to give contractors the proper training and tools to ensure top quality retaining walls are built. As a leader in the industry, Allan Block Corporation has developed these tools and training programs to help contractors get the knowledge and the resources they need.

With the help of our vast network of trained Allan Block representatives, thousands of professionals have already taken advantage of our installation training, technical support, and the many tools we have available to help them plan, design and build with Allan Block products.

This three-stage program blends the details of wall design and the experience of wall construction to help us define each contractor’s individual level of ability and service. This on-going certification program has also helped us provide a better understanding of how and why stackable structures work so well. 

So the next time you have a project, contact your local Allan Block representative and ask about the Contractor Certification Program and see who is certified locally or inquire about how you can be a certified contractor!

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