July 24, 2015

12 Ways to Appreciate Your Customers

As we go through our daily work routines, we are always thinking about expanding, branching out and increasing our customer groups. Great and ambitious thoughts but we must not forget those clients who got us where we are today.

Here are 12 ways you can show appreciation to your customers:

  1. Provide Excellent Service: Every business is in customer service, so no matter what you do, sell or provide.
  2. A “Thank you” goes a long way. While thanking them verbally every time you visit is awesome, but putting in writing will give it a lot more weight.
  3. Develop a loyalty program that would capture your best customers
  4. Send small treats
  5. Surprise your customers with a small discount on their next order and call it Thank you Discount or Just Because
  6. Be personal: Congratulations, Get well cards, Sympathy etc…
  7. Contribute to their choice of charity
  8. Send a card on unique holidays and occasions
  9. Contribute to their growth: offer training opportunities and continuing education
  10. Entertainment is always welcome: Dinner, tickets to games and concerts
  11. For those that are far away, plan a visit once or twice a year and get together for coffee or lunch.
  12. Honor milestones 

Research shows that it is a lot less expensive to retain and maintain clients than to acquire new ones. Despite limitations and budget constraints, with a little thought and planning you are sure to find ways to express thanks and build relationships.   What are some ways you can explore to show appreciation for your customers?  

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