July 17, 2015

Courtyard Estimating App Design Hacks for Your Patio Wall Project

The Courtyard Estimating App from Allan Block is a handy tool for estimating your perfect patio surrounds; but that isn't all you can do with it.  If you are building a more complex project and still want to use this simple tool to design and estimating your project, here are a few tricks to make your project planning smooth:

  • Break your project into sections that can be entered in the tool.  Taking the time to break the project into parts allows you to leverage the estimating power of the tool to help you get the estimate you need.  Once you get the totals, just sum up all the blocks and you are ready to begin!

  • Adding elements and details to your project, use the “How to use AB Courtyard” button to find a wide variety of videos, links and diagrams to help you along.

  • Ready to Buy or have more questions?  Check out the resources under the “More from Allan Block” button on the app’s home page.  You can download literature, look at other Allan Block products or Find a Store near you.  

The Courtyard Estimating App is a FREE App from Allan Block is available for both Apple & Android devices.

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