July 31, 2015

First Impressions: Upgrading Your Front Entryway

Allan Block Retaining WallGreet your guests in style with an inviting entryway.  Show off the architectural appeal of your home with design elements like flowing curves, stairs, corners and more. 

 The Allan Block retaining wall products are versatile enough for any design.  Want to update the entryway to your front door, or update the entire front yard space, or fix a driveway entry?  We have many project photos and ideas to help define exactly what can work for you.

Allan Block Retaining Wall
Incorporate built-in planting sections in the design to add more definition with along your walkways. Use pavers that accent your retaining walls to create a beautiful pathway to your door. Be creative with low voltage lighting.  

Accent your home or walkway to add beauty and character while offering the safety and functionality of a well-lit outdoor space. There are many options available whether in the walls and pavers or behind in the landscaping.

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