June 12, 2015

Backyard Design Ideas: Lighting

With the busy schedules of today, many still want to enjoy the great outdoors long after the sun goes down.  Outdoor lighting will help you enjoy the ambiance of your landscaped patio well into the evening with family and friends. 

The use of lighting around your outdoor spaces provides not only safety and security, but offers a warm and inviting feel.  Accenting your home or walkway adds beauty and character with the functionality of a well-lit outdoor space. 

There are many options available to install lighting within the AB retaining wall units or the pavers as well as within the landscaping itself.  Be creative with low voltage lighting. 

Want just an outdoor accent build a patio encircling an outdoor fire pit.  Enjoy years of entertaining and story-telling with your welcomed guests.  Build an outdoor bar and/or kitchen area with under counter or pergola lighting for a stunning effect.

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