June 19, 2015

An 8 Year Old's Tips for Retaining Wall Construction

Summer is made for swimming reading, camping, boating and in some cases building a 160 ft. Allan Block retaining wall.  Using the talents and brawn of 4 generations, our 4 ½ ft. high wall was completed in 10 straight days.  The three youngest of the family crew, ages 2, 7, and 8 were able to help shovel gravel, try out the tamper and watch various large machines negotiate our lakefront yard. 

The wisest of the family didn’t let 90 years slow her down from helping prepare food and wash dishes for the unbelievably ravenous pit crew of 11 (little ones included).  The experience brought together three grandchildren, three sisters, two brother-in-laws, two parents, and one great grandmother.

Through the work, frustrations, beer, creativity, sore muscles, perseverance and laughter, we built the Great Wall of Nakamun. It was a wonderful opportunity to see the gifts and strengths of each family member put into serious action!  Out Great Allan Block Wall was an amazing accomplishment that reminds us that summer is made for swimming.

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