June 5, 2015

10 Budget Friendly Home Improvement Ideas

You don't have to break the bank to turn your house into a home where you feel happy and comfortable. Often times when you think of improvements for your home all you think of is a bunch of $$$$$ when in fact all it will take is a simple facelift and a little TLC to make it feel new and better. 

Doing it yourself is the most budget friendly way to go about a project but it will require time and knowledge.  With the help and instructions available on the internet, you can learn the steps on how to tackle your project. YouTube is a favorite, also manufacturer’s website where you can find information specific to the products you are using. If anything, you will be able to get ideas and understand the scope of your project. You will also find out when you might need to seek professional help. 

Here are some ideas for budget friendly home improvements:

  1. Paint: a fresh coat of paint can go a long way. Whether you are looking to brighten a room, add color or simply clean up these walls from the kids and pets prints. Painting will sure give your room and great feel of newness and cleanliness
  2. Adding architectural accents to your room: crown molding or ceiling medallions can give architectural definition to the room by creating contrast and depth
  3. Dress up your doors and windows
  4. Give your cabinets a facelift with paint or new hardware
  5. Adding backsplash to your kitchen or bathroom counters
  6. Accessorize the room with candles, mirrors, artwork etc…
  7. Change or add light fixtures
  8. You cannot afford to change your floor, paint it
  9. Add laminate flooring that looks like wood, easy to install and float over existing flooring
  10. Add curb appeal to your front entry with plants, flowers and garden accessories.

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