June 17, 2021

What do I do for buildup and efflorescence?


Allan Block is made to last, but what happens when natural buildup and efflorescence happens to the block?

“I have had my Allan Block wall for 20 years. Moss and general dirt have  

            accumulated on my blocks. What is the best solution to spray on my blocks  

            before pressure washing them? Also, is there anything to get the  

            effervescence off the block? I was not aware that the limestone would react  

            with the blocks.”

Great question Jeffery! To remove the moss and dirt simply pressure washing the wall should remove the debris. As for the efflorescence, although it can look daunting, the best way to remove it would be to use a stiff bristle brush and scrub with either a 50/50 vinegar and water mix or a dish soap mix. There are also solutions you can purchase that remove and prevent efflorescence, check with your local landscape store or big box store.


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