November 5, 2020

Neutralize Graffiti with Our SRW Safe Suggestions

A common question that pops up from time to time, is “What if my Allan Block retaining wall has been graffitied? How can I remove this?” There are a couple of different ways to handle this situation; here is what you can do if you happen to become a target of those pesky vandals –


Prepare & Pre-Treat – If you are wary of this becoming a possibility, or have been subjected to this problem in the past, invest in products that will prevent spray paint from adhering to the surface of the wall. We suggest Block Guard & Graffiti Control II, as it is also a weatherproofer and a safe option for Allan Block products. It is also water-based, and will not alter the block’s natural appearance.

Power Wash – If you unfortunately fall victim to graffiti upheaval, the most effective method of removal is power washing. There are several products available you can use to spray the maleficence away, but we recommend applying Defacer Eraser Graffiti Remover, as it is easy to use and has no harsh solvents within its compounds.


Keep these options in mind when having to confront a defaced Allan Block retaining wall. You can also reach out to us for additional advice at 800-899-5309, or

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