November 28, 2019

What Type of Equipment is Needed to Build a Concrete Fence?

Let’s face it, having the right tool makes every project easier.  This is no exception when building an AB Fence.  You will be digging holes for footings, moving dirt and block, compacting dirt, mixing concrete and even cutting concrete block.  The list of tools that is starting to go through your head should be quite long.  

Most contractors will have most of these tools already and even the above average DIYer will have a good start on this list.  However, the ones that will make this job easier are the power tools consisting of a Bobcat with an 24-inch auger attachment used to drill the footings, a laser level to locate proper elevation and a concrete vibrator used to consolidate the concrete and ensure stability.  Obviously, you may be cutting block so having a saw with a diamond blade is very important.

Constructing an AB Fence is not difficult, but I would recommend an experienced DIYer or hiring a certified contractor to tackle the job. 

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