September 20, 2019

Vertical or Staggered Wall Ends – How do I Choose?

Written by Gerri Hansen

The AB Courtyard wall panels can be finished with a vertical end by cutting corner blocks, or by simply staggering the blocks back from the end of the wall to create a gradual step-down look.  For a no cut option I would recommend the staggered look.  This can be done by simply removing a block from the wall panel during installation, so the wall finishes short, then place the corner block.  The corner blocks can be flipped either direction to match the angle of the last block placed.  

On additional courses, continue to remove or leave off a block to again set the wall back in the distance desired, until the top height of the wall panel is achieved – no capping is needed.  If a larger stagger is created between courses, the AB Wall Caps may need to be cut to fill in any gaps created.  Measure the space and cut the blocks with a saw using a diamond blade and adhere to safety standards.

If a vertical end is desired, on every other course a corner block will need to be measured and cut to allow proper alignment. See the AB Courtyard reference guide for details and links to videos to help you choose the best option for your project.

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