May 10, 2019

Can I use AB Courtyard on top of my existing retaining wall?

Written by Chad Julius

Absolutely.  We have countless projects where Courtyard is used on top of the retaining wall.  You have got to check out some of the pictures we have of raised patios that show the AB Courtyard on top of retaining walls.  However, since it is an existing wall there needs to be some questions answered first.  It will depend on if that existing wall will remain structurally stable when the additional loads are applied.  Let me explain.  The Courtyard itself has weight, but so do all the people that will be standing on the patio that you are building as well.  The existing retaining wall must be able to withstand this additional weight or pressure before moving forward. 

Once the integrity of the existing wall is satisfied then you can simply install the AB Courtyard wall on top of the existing retaining wall.  The AB Courtyard does not require a footing and can installed directly on top of the cap or pavers for the patio. We would suggest adhering them to the cap for some stability, but it is not required since the AB Courtyard Caps are also glued once installed.  Check out the Courtyard Reference material on our website.

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