June 5, 2018

Best Practices for Zero Retaining Wall Failures - Wall Embedment

Allan Block retaining walls (and all segmental retaining walls) should include burial to prevent undermining due to erosion over time, but how much should you bury? Best Practices recommends 1 in (2.5 cm) of block per 1 ft (30 cm) of wall height, with a minimum of 6 in (15 cm). (Reference: Best Practice chapter 2.6) In cases where there is a slope above or below the wall, this recommendation will change. In these cases, feel free to call our engineering team at Allan Block or review other sections of Best Practice – for instance Chapter 9 section 9.1, embedment for slopes below the wall. (ref. BP, Chapter 2.6)

Allan Block is working to achieve our industry initiative of Zero Wall Failures. With our Best Practices Manual and experience in the industry we are trying to expand the knowledge base for the design of segmental retaining walls (SRW's) by communicating and educating the professionals in the industry. To see the full Best Practices Manual, visit allanblock.com to download today.

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