May 11, 2018

Can I Cut Concrete Blocks?

Written by:Laura Horstmann

As any contractor will tell you, yes you can cut blocks. With Allan Block products, we took the need for cutting into consideration when we designed the blocks.

For Retaining Wall Blocks

If your walls have curves involved there is no need to cut our blocks. The blocks are designed with wings in the back that assist with keeping a straight wall but if you need to make a curve the only thing to remove are the wings. The removal of the wings does not require a saw, just a hammer. To remove the wing you place the block face down and, with a hammer, knock the wings off.  As the courses go up with tight radii the blocks might leave a gap between courses. This can be eliminated by modifying the bottom of the blocks. These modifications may require the use of a saw but they can also be done by hammer and chisel. To see how to modify the bottom of the blocks see our Commercial Install Manual on page 56.

We strongly suggest that if your wall has a mitered corner, an angle that is not 90 degrees, is that you change it into a curve because they are stronger and more stable however, if you desire the miter than a saw will be required.

In the event that you have corners in your wall you may have to cut the corner blocks depending on the setback of the blocks. For corner modification see our Commercial Install Manual on page 59.

For AB Courtyard Blocks

When using our Courtyard product you will have to cut/split our blocks. There are 2 of the 3 blocks that are designed to be split apart. Our AB Dublin block can be split/cut in two ways, in half and in ¼ and ¾ cuts. To accommodate the need for cutting the AB Dublin blocks are scored for each cut. Most of the cut pieces will be used in your design so there will be minimal waste.

The other block that may need to be cut is the corner block. The corner block will need to be cut if you are finishing your wall when it is not in contact with a post, house or corner. The corner blocks are cut based on field measurements.

If you are cutting the courtyard blocks in other locations than listed above you will then have to cut every block from now on. Do not modify the blocks beyond the approved splits.

If you want to see how the Courtyard blocks are cut here is the YouTube video.

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