February 16, 2018

How to Determine the Slope of my Yard?

Written by: Jeff Gunderson
Before doing any landscaping or hardcaping in your yard, you will want to figure out how much slope you have across the area. Knowing how your yard slopes will allow you to  determine what you steps may need to be taken before any construction takes place.

First drive a stake at the top of a consistent sloped area.  Measure from that stake in the direction of the slope 100 inches.  Place a second stake in this location.  From the first stake tie a string next to the grade at the bottom of the stake.  Then stretch it between the stakes as level as possible.  Use a string line level or other level to adjust the string on the second stake so that the string is level.  Finally measure the distance from the string to the ground at the second stake.  If the distance is 9 inches your slope is 9%.

Slope = Rise / Run  or as per this Slope = 9 / 100 Slope = 9

Need a little more help? check out this video here:

Once you have your slope worked out, you can get to work on the fun part - picking out the plants, paving stones and Allan Block walls for your project. For more information on slopes or to get our estimating tools and product information visit www.allanblock.com.

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