February 9, 2018

How do I choose the right Allan Block product for my project?

AB Collection
Written by: Kyle Huerd
Although you may get overwhelmed with looking through all the products on the market, it is very simple to select an appropriate Allan Block product depending on what you are doing on your project.  First thing is to establish are you retaining more than 12 inches of soil?  If you are, then you are looking for a retaining wall product which we can now narrow down to either the AB Collection, AB Europa, AB Fieldstone, or AB Aztec collections.  All these products are made to retain soil and have all different shapes and sizes.  Aesthetics now play the main role as all the retaining wall products work the same way, you just select your favorite look and color!

AB Courtyard Collection
Or maybe you want a two-sided free standing wall?  If this is your case, then you now have to make a decision if you are going for a short seating wall or a privacy/sound wall?  If you plan on enhancing your patio by placing a seating wall around the outside, then the product that best fits you is the AB Courtyard Collection.  AB Courtyard is used for patio surrounds, elements, and short fence/walls to enhance your backyard to an outdoor living space. 

AB Fence System
Lastly, if you are going for more of a sound or privacy fence, which typically results in walls 6 feet or taller, then the product you would want to look at is the AB Fence system.  Although there is cross over from each of the products, they have their main functions which guide our users down a path for success.

No matter what you are looking for in your backyard or on your property, you will be astounded at the level of quality and enhancement you can bring by selecting the Allan Block product that is just right for you!

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