September 15, 2017

Can I build with a patio wall on uneven ground?

AB Courtyard walls can be built on uneven ground but are more often built on top of a level surface like a concrete slab or paver patio. However, you may also choose to have an AB Courtyard wall that runs alongside a driveway or other landscaping feature and these most likely will not be level areas.  So how do you build on uneven ground?

Walls on uneven ground are installed using these simple rules.

  • Always install the blocks level from side to side and front to back.  Trying to install them following a slope is not recommended and will not result in a professional installation.

  • Start at the lowest point of the wall on the slope.  Dig a level trench 3 in. deep (75mm) and 7 in. wide (180mm).  As you move up the slope the level trench will become deeper.  Step the base up to the next course when the base row of blocks are completely buried. 

  • Adding extra base rock at a step will help in the adjustment to the next course.

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