September 22, 2017

Can I Build Stairs Out of Blocks?

Blocks, more specifically - retaining wall blocks, are a great solution for building stairs outdoors without compromising style: You can build stairs either curvy or straight, make them one continuous line or drop in a turn or a landing to break up the line and add character to the design.
Drop in a turn and a landing
 to break the stair line
Break up long sets of steps
with landings
Add switchback curves
to meander up the hill

If you are already building a retaining wall, you can easily integrate stairs into your design.
Curved steps with corners parallel
to the retaining wall
Curved steps parallel
to retaining wall
Curved steps into
retaining wall face

Take the time to build it right from the start. Follow a similar principle of “measure twice and cut once”

Spending time to plan and learn the techniques before you start your project will go along way. Read the detailed stair construction instructions on Allan Block website, and watch this video to get a visual on what this process entails. 

This will help avoid issues and errors that can potentially lead to your project failing. Not to mention the time and money you save, when you build your wall correctly.
Here are the steps to building stairs with Allan Block:

  1. Calculate the number of steps your stairs will have.
  2. Determine the Stair riser locations. Excavate according to the rise and run.
  3. Excavate the base trench and stair location
  4. Install base course
  5. Install first riser
  6. Backfill and compact
  7. Repeat these steps for each additional stair riser needed to finish your stairs.
Once all stair risers are in place, install the tread material you selected to finish your stairs.

If you are using AB Fieldstone, you can build the stairs using the long anchoring unit for quick and easy installation.

Always check the local building codes before starting construction. You can also get help from your local Allan Block Dealer.

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