June 16, 2017

Outdoor Wall Lighting for Concrete Walls

Whether you are building a retaining wall to add more usable space or patio walls to define it, you don’t want your beautiful design to disappear when the sunsets, so taking the time to plan for outdoor lighting before you build will keep you out of the dark.

Done right, outdoor lighting can shed light on the best architectural features, draw attention to plants, ponds and other focal points as well as provide illumination for stairs and pathways through the dark.

If you are building a wall with rock or solid concrete, adding lighting to the face of the wall can be labor intensive and tricky. Walls that have a hollow core, like Allan Block  make it a little easier if you want to add in-wall lighting.   That hollow space inside the blocks is a perfect place to run the wiring. Check out this video to see just how it’s done.

If you are looking for lighting to add above the wall or in your landscape, there are many varieties to choose from and can use either solar power or low voltage wiring.  If you are doing the work yourself make sure you are comfortable with the skills needed to do the installation or hire a licensed electrician to do the work.

Another important step in your lighting design is how to control the lighting.  Solar  works great, but if the area is heavily shaded, they may not provide the best illumination.  Installing switches or timers are great for low voltage wiring but may also require additional electrical work.  

For more information on outdoor lighting, check out the lighting section on allanblock.com


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