September 16, 2016

Tools Needed For Cutting Retaining Wall Caps

Cutting concrete caps can be as easy as cutting wood if you plan ahead and have the right tools.  Caps are commonly about 4 inches thick and using a 10 or 12 inch saw with a diamond blade should do the trick.  Saws can either be hand-held, gas or electric saws, or a table saw.  

Table saws can typically be rented and are typical a “wet” saw, meaning that you have a basin of water that the saw draws from to wet the blade for smooth cutting.  It will also have a sliding table you use to push the cap unit through the running blade.

Lastly for tool requirements are tape measure, straight edge and marking pencil. 

No project like this can be discussed without remembering safety first.  Always wear eye and ear protection and a dust mask.  My last hint in being prepared will be to let you know the dry saw will be very dusty so set up your cutting station in the wind direct or set up a fan on calm days to help move the dust away from you.

For instruction on cutting cap units go to

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