June 17, 2016

To the Moon....Allan Block!

With Allan Block doing business around the world, you can image the travel times our team has logged in promoting Allan Block products and services.

 From all the training courses we teach to manufacturers, engineers, contractors and dealers, to the time spent in production plants across the globe, helping to ensure Allan Block products are being produced with the highest quality, our dedication to supporting our partners is unmatched in the industry. 

In our effort to be "Always Better” and to add a fun spin to this otherwise hectic effort, we have decided to compare our collective traveled Allan Block business miles to trips around the world and trips into space.  While we may still be a long way from a trip to Mars, we are making the effort!

So far we have:

We Have Circled the Earth 193 Times

We Have Made 10 Round Trips to the Moon


We are 1/10th of the way to Mars

Help us get closer to Mars, by attending a Contractor Certification, Technical Presentation  or Local Dealer Event!

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