June 24, 2016

Grilled to Perfection...DIY Grill Station

didn’t want to have a grilling station that with a built-in grill.  Obviously, there are so many different types of grills that simply roll into place and I didn’t want to limit myself.  However, I wanted to create a grilling station that offered additional counter space and screen off the air conditioner from the backyard sitting area. 

First I created a small area that was about 7-ft by 7-ft with some concrete pavers.  I was tucking this into a corner created by the existing concrete pool deck so I simply had to dig out the area and get the base rock in.  If you have ever installed pavers it is all about the base and leveling sand.  I took my time and then started laying the pavers.  Since all my pavers were the same size I decided to put a single row around the outside all in the same direction.  Then I started creating a pattern at about a 45-degree angle.  This meant more cutting, but I knew I wanted to start my grill area on the right foot.

Now that the pavers were down I selected the AB Courtyard Collection because it was like building with concrete Legos.  A few simple cuts to create an “L” shape, accomplished the goal of screening off the air conditioning area while starting the counter top.  I made it tall enough that I could roll any grill under the countertop to keep all my options open.  With a 4.5-ft by 2-ft limestone countertop in place, I was ready to start grilling! 

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